Chapter 5: Mutually Reinforcing Activities

Mutually reinforcing activities are the program and services that are delivered which contribute to achieving the intended impact of your Collective Impact effort. This Collective Impact condition includes: agreement on key outcomes; identifying opportunities for orchestration and specialization in the programs and services offered; and, considering how complementary programs and activities might sometimes “join up” - strategies to achieve outcomes. By creating a shared understanding of the programs and their design, it becomes possible to consider:

  • Whether refinements in the design of existing program and services could better support achievement of our intended impact
  • Whether existing programs delivered by different providers can be better linked or aligned
  • Whether there are gaps in the program and service delivery continuum that could be created to better achieve our CI intended impact

The resources in this section focus on how to align the resources across the engaged partners into an initial theory of change that your partners believe will enable the collective to achieve a common agenda.

Collective Impact Tools

Each chapter's primary tools are fundamental resources designed to help grow a more complete understanding of each stage of Collective Impact. Start your journey in this chapter by reviewing each of the primary tools. Once this is complete, you can move on to the secondary and diving deeper resources to help gain a better grasp of specific elements that have been introduced.



Diving Deeper

  • TOOL | Mapping Moving Trains
    Align your communities work by looking at existing structures, such as coalitions, networks or leadership groups