Chapter 6: Continuous Communication

The fourth condition of Collective Impact is continuous communication which includes the need to establish formal and informal mechanisms for keeping people informed about the progress and key milestones of a Collective Impact effort.

Beyond defining the appropriate communication pathways and vehicles, this condition also encompasses the need to ensure that the work of the Collective Impact initiative is communicated openly to diverse audiences, and therefore, utilizes a range of communication styles.

A comprehensive communications strategy for a Collective Impact effort encompasses:

  • Establishing structures that facilitate effective communication between Collective Impact initiative partners – including practices that ensure difficult issues within the initiative are discussed and addressed;
  • Considering the needs of the Collective Impact initiative’s partners to communicate about its work within their own organizations and networks; and,
  • Keeping the public informed and engaged in the Collective Impact initiative.

Collective Impact Tools

Each chapter's primary tools are fundamental resources designed to help grow a more complete understanding of each stage of Collective Impact. Start your journey in this chapter by reviewing each of the primary tools. Once this is complete, you can move on to the secondary and diving deeper resources to help gain a better grasp of specific elements that have been introduced.



Diving Deeper