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WEBINAR | Building Sustainable Collaborations: Authentic Engagement and Partnership-Building

British Columbia, Sustainability, Ruté Ojigbo, Homepage Resources, Peel Region

This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.

In January 2023, Tamarack launched 10: A Guide for Building a Sustainable and Resilient Collaboration. The Guide draws from many different forms of collaboration and reveals 10 factors which are foundational to building sustainability for collective efforts.

This webinar recording features a conversation with Darlene Gage, Transition Salt Spring, and Jessica Kwik, Peel Newcomer Strategy Group, as they share stories about how their collaboration efforts have sustained utilizing these factors. They also discussed their lessons learned as they implemented a sustainability and resilience first approach.

For an overview of topics and questions discussed during the conversation, please see the YouTube description.




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