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TOOL | The Cynefin Framework: Defining a Collaborative Problem or Opportunity

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Not all problems require the same approach. In fact, by understanding the nature of the problem the collaborative or community is facing, we can better determine a strategy or strategies to resolve that problem, dilemma, or opportunity. 
The Cynefin Framework, developed by David Snowden, provides a way of understanding different types of problems which face organizations, collaboratives, and communities.

The tool divides problems into four different types:

  • Obvious or simple problems 
  • Complicated or technical problems 
  • Complex problems
  • Chaotic problems

The tool is a fillable PDF form that can be used to diagnose different problems and determining a strategy for addressing the problem.


Deepen Your Learning:

  • Listen to the webinar recording where Tamarack Co-CEO Liz Weaver and Consulting Director of Collective Impact Sylvia Cheuy discuss the tool and how to use it.
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