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The Context Experts

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The Context Experts is a paper written by Lisa Attygalle that discusses how to increase the authenticity of community engagement and eradicate tokenistic community engagement through the meaningful involvement of context experts. It includes three real-life stories of authentic engagement, and features five lessons to consider when designing community engagement processes.

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Lisa Attygalle

By Lisa Attygalle

Lisa Attygale is an artist and communications specialist who is passionate about engagement, customer loyalty, and the use of technology. In her role at Tamarack, Lisa leads efforts to improve the learner experience to enable increased engagement and collaboration across the Tamarack Learning Communities and community-based projects. She heads up Tamarack's integrated communications, database and online spaces, and constantly advocates for simplicity in infrastructure, frameworks and design. Lisa also facilitates sessions on Community Engagement and Continuous Communication to educate others in applying the principles of marketing, advertising, customer loyalty, and user experience to community initiatives

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