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WEBINAR | Innovating From the Middle Space of Community Change

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Community Changemakers are called upon to manage from a middle space. That place where the future is uncertain, but the pressure to act is intense. It is the space between the unknown and the known which colleagues are looking to you to provide the answers and yet even as the work gets underway, there are forces driving change.

Gary Nelson, Director Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab, The Jordan Institute for Families at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill views this middle space of a place of innovation and inspiration. Join Gary Nelson and Liz Weaver, Co-CEO, Tamarack Institute as they discuss the leadership required when innovating from the middle space of community change. Gary shares five principles that you can build into your changemaker practice to be a more intentional integrative leader and manage that middle space more effectively.

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The Tamarack Institute is a connected force for community change. We work with leaders in non-profits, governments, businesses and the community to make work of advancing positive community change easier and more effective. We do this by teaching and writing about collective impact, community engagement, collaborative leadership, community development, and evaluating community impact. We host two learning communities Cities Reducing Poverty and Cities Deepening Community turning theory into action.

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