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Guide | Asset-Based Community Development at a Glance

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“Asset Based Community Development” or ABCD looks for, and starts from people’s gifts and strengths (assets). These assets equip people to create local opportunities and respond to needs and challenges in their neighbourhoods. ABCD goes beyond any individual’s gifts or particular group’s strengths to consider how these may come together to create broader changes for the common good within a community.


Le «développement communautaire basé sur les actifs », ou DCBA s’appuie d’abord et avant tout sur les dons et les forces des personnes (actifs). Ces actifs permettent aux personnes de créer des opportunités locales, de surmonter les défis et de répondre aux besoins de la communauté. Le DCBA vise à concerter les dons des individus et les forces des groupes pour envisager comment elles pourraient se combiner pour créer des changements importants pour le bienfait général de la communauté.

Vibrant Communities

By Vibrant Communities

Vibrant Communities supports cities and local leaders to develop and implement large-scale change initiatives through four learning networks: Ending Poverty, Deepening Community, Building Youth Futures and Climate Transitions. Our belief is that when we are effective in strengthening community capacity to engage citizens, lead collaboratively, deepen community and reduce poverty, our work contributes to the building of peace and more equitable society.

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