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How to Develop a Common Agenda for a Collective Impact

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How to Develop a Common Agenda for a Collective Impact: A 5 Step Guide is a paper written by Paul Born that provides a 'how-to' approach to developing a common agenda when working on a Collective Impact initiative. It is not meant to be prescriptive, but to provide a real life example of how this process has taken shape within Paul's experiences, and can act as a reference to fine-tune your own methodology.

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Paul Born

By Paul Born

Paul Born is the cofounder and President of Tamarack Institute, a leader on issues of place, citizenship engagement, collective impact, and community innovation. The author of four books, including two Canadian best sellers, Born is internationally recognized for his community-building activities that have won awards from the United Nations and as a senior fellow of Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social innovators.

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