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CASE STUDY | Transforming the Coasts of New Brunswick through Community Engagement

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Coastal communities in Canada are facing unprecedented challenges. Due to climate change, the natural and built environment is increasingly exposed to rising sea levels, intensifying storms, and erosion amongst other effects that put communities at risk. 

These challenges can negatively impact people's homes, livelihoods, and the economy. However, there is hope. By using natural techniques to protect Canadian coasts from climate change and biodiversity loss, the Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Group and Helping Nature Heal worked to create a sustainable future for our planet.  

Keep reading to gain insights on:

  • Community-led climate action that centers nature-based solutions;  
  • How fostering collaboration can lead to long-term transformational change;  
  • Techniques that communities in Canada can use to protect biodiversity in their region;
  • Why rethinking resilience can support climate mitigation and adaptation in vulnerable communities;  
  • The key benefits of using nature-based solutions for climate actions. 
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