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CASE STUDY | Saint John Stronger Together

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This case study captures how Saint John, NB, has successfully broken the cycle of poverty by engaging the whole community and applying a collective impact global approach to drive change.

It highlights the city's 20-year journey that has resulted in a significant reduction in poverty.

It celebrates how the community of Saint John created a common purpose, learned deeply about intergenerational poverty in their own community, to then implement multi-pronged projects resulting in positive population-level change whose effects can still be felt today.

The study is meant to highlight, encourage and share two decades worth of reflection and lessons learned with other communities who might want build upon its successes.

Sherri Torjman

By Sherri Torjman

Sherri was Vice-President of the Caledon Institute of Social Policy for 25 years and is currently a social policy consultant. She has made invaluable contributions to social policy in Canada through her analysis, writing and public speaking on welfare reform, disability income and supports, home care, caregiver needs and community-based poverty reduction. Sherri was one of the founders of Tamarack's Vibrant Communities initiative.

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