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CASE STUDY | Centring Equity and Place-Based Approaches in Systemic Transformation
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CASE STUDY | Centering Equity and Place-Based Approaches in Systemic Transformation

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In this paper we explore what equity means in place-based change and systems transformation. We consider it as one of the most important principles of place-based practice and whilst we practice it differently in the communities we work with as the examples will show, we all see it as both a foundational value and core methodology that needs to be widely adopted by practitioners. 

Working in place provides a centre of focus and experimentation to imagine, prototype, implement at a scale which can be agile and adaptive. Equity ensures that those most impacted by by the systems in need of transformation are centered and honoured.

Explore what equity means in place-based change and systems transformation with this new paper/publication/resource, co-produced by the CEOs of four organisations each supporting place-based transformation in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

Co-Authored by:

Collaboration for Impact: Australia 

Tamarack Institute: Canada 

Inspiring Communities: New Zealand 

Place Matters: UK 


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