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ARTICLE | Belonging, Community and Climate Action

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At a time of increasing social isolation and accelerating climate change, belonging has never been more vital. 

By promoting a sense of community and belonging, we can spur climate action. At the same time, climate action is a means to building and strengthening belonging. This compilation of short pieces by contributing authors from across Turtle Island explores the layers of interconnection between these areas, both in practical and theoretical terms. 

Tamarack Institute’s Community Climate Transitions and Communities Building Belonging networks co-initiated this publication and invited changemakers from diverse sectors and disciplines to share their perspectives on the topic. With deep gratitude to Jodi Lammiman, Njoki Mbũrũ, Prachir Pasricha, and Tara Day who contributed their wisdom and ideas.

The pieces included in this article are as follows:

“You Protect What You Know and Love," by Prachir Pasricha

“Belonging is Praxis: On Responsibility, Accountability, and Possibility," by Njoki Mbũrũ

"Building from Belonging – A Whole-of-Community Approach to Climate Action," by Tara Day 

"The Power of Belonging and Uplifting Our Unique Gifts in Driving Climate Action," by Jodi Lammiman


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