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CASE STUDY | A squad of young tech tutors responds to the challenges of pandemic digital learning.

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CASE STUDY | A Squad of Young Tech Tutors Responds to the Challenges of Pandemic Digital Learning

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This resource is also available in French.  Please click here for the French version.

Written by Tania Fournier and Sarah Jacques, with contributions from Véronique St-Louis and the squad members: Maria Laghmari, Saïd Hamdane, Rayanne Feraoun, and Nejib Soussi

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our daily lives in many ways. Parachuted into virtual learning, many students, teachers, and parents found themselves overwhelmed and lacking resources. The Regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative, as part of the Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) initiative, developed a project to respond to these pressing needs. The following is a look back at the project.


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