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10: A Guide for Building a Sustainable and Resilient Collaboration

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This resource is also available in French. Click here to access the French version.


10: A Guide for Building a Sustainable and Resilient Collaboration unpacks the concepts of sustainability and resilience and shares ideas, stories and resources that will benefit collaborations as they consider them.

Sustainability involves many factors, including leadership, funding, community engagement, and the ability to influence policy and systems that lead to program or a collective impact. These factors fall under four main categories: people (who to involve), resources (the investment required), process (the why of the collaboration), and impact (the effect/influence and telling the story).

Resilience is about building a collaboration’s capacity to shift, adapt, and change, and is also focused on the overall health and well-being of the collaboration and the community.

This guide has been designed to broaden our collective thinking about the factors that contribute to sustainable, resilient, and impactful collaboration. You will find sections that:

  • define the key terms;
  • explore the factors relevant to creating a sustainable collaboration and the;
  • practices that build resiliency in collaborations;
  • provide ideas and resources that will supplement thinking and action;
  • explore questions for funders and collaboration tables to consider; and
  • share community stories about collaboration efforts and the lessons they have learned tied to their sustainability and resilience.


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