Tamarack Featured in “Turning Wheels” – A Guidebook for Community-Led Change

Posted on May 17, 2023
By Tamarack Institute

Dive into "Turning Wheels", a collection of global case-studies and resources for changemakers looking to solve complex issues in their communities.


Cover of Turning Wheels: How social innovation can harness the power of the collective to achieve community-led development towards the SDGsCatalyst 2030's New Guidebook

Catalyst 2030, an organization dedicated to advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, recently launched a new guidebook, Turning Wheels. It is an in-depth guidebook designed to build the capacity of change makers to co-create solutions to complex issues in their communities. It represents a collection of case studies, best-practices, and learnings inspired by their 1700 member organizations. The Tamarack Institute is honoured to be featured as one of 17 case studies in this guidebook alongside a variety of innovative member organizations from across the globe.  

The guide lays out the groundwork for why collaboration and co-creation lead to greater and more impactful changes when addressing complex issues such as poverty, climate transitions, and more:


A Robust Framework

“Social innovators can achieve more by leveraging the power of the collective in community-driven development throughout the interconnected ecosystem… The community drives development by defining their needs and priorities – social innovators give a voice to the community and foster community ownership” (pp. 9 & 10) 

Catalyst 2030 builds out a robust framework based on utilizing three main levers to generate community-led impact: 


  1. Facilitate: Social innovators collaborating to facilitate community-driven development
  2. Advocate: Collective advocacy by social innovators for community-driven development towards stakeholders
  3. Scale: Scaling community-driven development across geographies through collaboration 

Each lever is broken down into four principles, and contains case studies, tools, and best-practices. While Tamarack’s own mention falls within the “Facilitate” lever, Turning Wheels is an extensive resource for changemakers looking to build their community-led practice in each area. 


A Global Resource with a Local Focus

The creation of the guidebook represents a simple but effective example of what Tamarack has learned in 20 years of practice: there is great value and impact in connecting changemakers and organizations across contexts and geographies to share hard-earned, placed-based lessons and best-practices. This is a global resource with a local focus, and one that will benefit initiatives around the world. 


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