Seeing Youth Voices

Tamarack Institute hosted a photo contest asking Canadian youth to tell us what their communities are going to look like in 2030. We wanted to know their fears and hopes. We received over 100 submissions from youth across Canada.

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Tamarack History

The 15 Year Tamarack Story: Helping Communities Change:

In 2017, Tamarack celebrated its 15 year anniversary. As a way to mark the occasion, this report contains a special 15-year reflection. We hope this provides some context to our history and the achievements we have generated together.

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Business Analysis for Tamarack

As the board prepares to consider the next 10 years of Tamarack’s impact, we want to capture the role our business model and financial management has played in our success. We want to ask two questions:

  1. What has made Tamarack a financial success?
  2. What should Tamarack keep doing or change in the next 10 years to ensure we remain a success?

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Tamarack Audit Results 2009-2019

We reviewed 11 years of audits to determine where our revenue came from and how we spent our money.

  1. Observe Tamarack Growth
  2. Observe the sources of revenue (did you know our social enterprise generated such a high percentage of our income?)

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Tamarack Current

Tamarack - Our Vision, Mission, Story and Work

The Tamarack Vision is to build a connected force for community change. Our Mission is to collaboratively create vibrant communities by engaging learning leaders. We believe that when we are effective in strengthening community capacity to engage citizens, lead collaboratively, deepen community and reduce poverty, our work will contribute to the building of a more equitable, prosperous, and peaceful society.

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The Tamarack Learning Centre

The Tamarack Learning Centre contributes to the mission by developing and publishing online tools, papers and resources for our network of almost 30,000 learners. The Learning Centre also hosts virtual and face to face webinars, training sessions and workshops. Over the past several years, the Learning Centre has also provided coaching and consulting services to our learning community.

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Tamarack's Vibrant Communities

In Vibrant Communities we support cities and local leaders to develop and implement large-scale change initiatives through two learning networks: Cities Reducing Poverty and Cities Deepening Community.

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Tamarack's Communities Building Youth Futures

Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) is designed to help achieve the mission of Tamarack by designing and supporting 13 small to medium-sized communities across Canada in building cross-sector leadership tables to address issues which prevent youth from successfully completing high school and transitioning to post-secondary education, training or employment. The CBYF is designed to build youth and community capacity by enabling them to lead collaboratively. It will also tackle some of the root causes of poverty as education is a noted pathway out of poverty.

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Research and Analysis

Developmental Evaluation: 2020 Overview

In 2018, Tamarack received funding from Employment and Social Development Canada to increase our innovative role bringing together knowledge and practice and strengthening community capacity. As part of this funding, Tamarack engaged Mark Cabaj, a developmental evaluator, to support Learning Centre and Vibrant Communities staff in identifying evaluation questions and engaging in agile evaluation sprints to determine the scope and impact of our work.

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Developmental Evaluation Sprints PowerPoint

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External Evaluation Report: Capacity Building for Cities Achieving Impact

As part of the Developmental Evaluation, an external evaluation was conducted as a key input to Tamarack's strategic planning activities in April 2020. The evaluation was focused on what could be learned from past activities and member and learner engagement that could inform the future direction of Tamarack.

You can review the key reports from this process below:

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View the PPT from the Sense Making Meeting

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Reviewing Future Scenarios

Goal: Share Tamarack’s response to the four scenarios to get feedback from the board about what should be incorporated into a strategy document  


Justin Williams Headshot-071868-editedArticle: Planning for the Future During Uncertainty

Written by Justin Williams, Community Animator, Government & Stewardship

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Future Search

Future Search Report

Future Search is a facilitated process to reflect on the past, make sense of current activities, and plan for the future. To get a range of perspectives, Tamarack invited three different groups—the Tamarack board, Tamarack staff, and Cities Reducing Poverty members—to participate in this process. The results are a key input for Tamarack’s 10-year strategic planning as it provides important lessons about Tamarack’s role and insights into where Tamarack should move in the future.

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You can also access each section of the Report below:

Access the PowerPoints from the Future Search discussion:

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Tim BrodheadArticle: On Not Letting (Another) Crisis Go to Waste

Written by Board Member Tim Brodhead

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