The Cohort in Action

What if there was a way for local communities to come together in a collaborative space to deepen their climate leadership and accelerate impact on the ground? 

With the support of the Government of Canada, the Community Climate Transitions team at Tamarack is launching the third edition of the Climate Transitions Cohort – and you're invited to apply!


In this video, members of our inaugural 2022 cohort share the impressions and reflections that shaped their 10-month learning journey. Their voices are truly powerful, moving, and deeply energizing –– press play to find out why!



Curious about the Cohort experience and what it entails? Read this special publication series to hear directly from 10 of the 19 trailblazing communities that joined CCT in 2022 about what they learned, how they came together to make shared decisions, and what they were able to achieve during their time as cohort members.

This podcast episode tells a story of collaboration and trust between members of a community working together towards shared climate goals. At the foundation is a method called "collective impact," used by the Tamarack Institute’s Climate Transitions cohort to spur meaningful and lasting systemic change at the community level.

Listen to the episode here.

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  • National Observer op-ed | Cities and communities across Canada taking a whole-community approach to climate action