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Community Climate Transitions Cohort


Thank you for your interest in the Climate Transitions Cohort! Please note that the application period has ended for the 2022 Cohort. 

Did you miss the deadline and are you interested in being part of this group of communities committed to advancing just and equitable transitions?

We'd love to hear from you!

Contact us by email to express your interest in being among the first ones to hear about the 2023 Cohort and stay tuned for updates.



Join us in accelerating community-led solutions for transformative change!

With the support of the Government of Canada, the Community Climate Transitions team at Tamarack is launching the Climate Transitions Cohort.


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The #DecadeOfAction represents a historic moment for humanity to make tangible progress on ensuring a just and equitable future for all living beings. Put simply, we need bold and ambitious collective actions to accelerate our efforts to tackle the climate crisis and ensure dignity for all so that no one is left behind.

Increasing inequality, environmental degradation and a global pandemic are complex interconnected challenges fueled by multiple factors, such as:

  • policies and regulations;
  • power dynamics;
  • social isolation; and
  • extractive economic systems.

All of these factors affect our collective understanding of such challenges and our capacity to respond swiftly and effectively.

Communities across Canada are already convening diverse local actors to generate innovative solutions to the climate emergency that achieve more equitable outcomes.

How can we accelerate local efforts to develop community climate transition plans and learn from one another in the process?

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About the cohort

With the support of the Government of Canada, the Community Climate Transitions team at Tamarack is launching the Climate Transitions Cohort. Over 10 months, a group of trailblazing communities from across Canada will take part in a learning journey to develop and implement community plans for a just and equitable climate transition.

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Community changemakers from inside and outside of local governments are invited to come together and learn how to develop a common vision and common agenda among local stakeholders through collective impact (i.e. a whole-community approach that prioritizes multi-sectoral leadership and deep civic engagement).

We envision this process to serve as a community of practice for rapid experimentation, action planning and community engagement aimed at advancing the development of local solutions.

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What we are offering

  • Monthly cohort sessions with guest speakers on a range of topics (plus additional workshops and webinars)
  • Six coaching sessions with coaches from the Tamarack Learning Centre
  • One-on-one support from the Community Climate Transitions team
  • Access to leading resources on developing transition plans through collective impact and community engagement
  • Updates on the latest news, events and publications on community climate transition

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Who is eligible to participate

The cohort is open to communities across Canada that are interested in developing a transition plan or updating an existing one, and meet the following criteria:

  • A commitment to centering justice and equity in a community’s climate response
  • A commitment to collective impact and community engagement
  • Having a cross-sector team will be considered an asset, e. g. someone from local government and someone from the community co-leading this work

There is no cost to participate in the 2022 Cohort. In future, participating communities will need to be Tamarack members.

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Key objectives


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Our learning journey

Here is an overview of the curriculum for the 2022 Cohort:

Community Climate Transitions Cohort



Key content covered

Phase 1: Learning and exploring

Mindset: Inspiration 


February – April 2022
  • The role of communities in climate action & climate justice
  • Developing a climate plan through an equity lens
  • Fundamentals of collective impact

Phase 2: Generating possibilities

Mindset: Ideation 


May – July 2022

  • Collaborative leadership & building a multi-sectoral leadership roundtable
  • Doing effective community engagement
  • GHG emissions inventory, assessing climate vulnerability, setting targets
  • Identifying promising solutions/actions

Phase 3: Developing

Mindset: Engagement


August – October 2022

  • Working towards a common vision and agenda (i.e. a community plan)
  • Considerations for implementing local plans
  • Evaluating impact

Phase 4: Wrapping up and looking ahead

Mindset: Celebration 



November 2022

  • Taking stock of progress
  • Planning next steps

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The following timeline provides an overview of important dates prior to the launch of the 2022 Cohort in early February.


We are inviting communities to submit a short application explaining their interest in participating in the 2022 cohort. The application process will be open until December 13.

Interested in participating?

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Meet the team

Laura and Jorge will be the core team supporting communities throughout this journey, in collaboration with colleagues from across Tamarack and our Community Climate Transitions network.


Have questions?

Email us:

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Dive Deeper

  • Article | The promise of collective impact in supporting a just transition at the community level 
  • Case study | Creating Community and Municipal Buy-In for Ambitious Climate Action 
  • Article | Exploring the Intersections of Climate Change & Poverty 
  • Case study | TransformTO: Multisolving in Action 

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