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What if there was a way for local communities to come together in a collaborative space to deepen their climate leadership and accelerate impact on the ground? 

With the support of the Government of Canada, the Community Climate Transitions team at Tamarack is launching the second edition of the Climate Transitions Cohort – and you're invited to apply!


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Introducing the 2023 Community Climate Transitions Cohort

We know that local actors have a crucial role to play when it comes to addressing the climate crisis. We also know that they often lack access to proven methodologies and the support they need in order to implement their vision effectively. 

The Climate Transitions Cohort is a unique opportunity for communities across Canada to learn from some of the most promising emerging solutions and collaborative governance innovations to build and/or advance a climate action plan that is unique to their local needs.

Keep reading to learn more about what the program is about and how to apply! The deadline for applications is December 13, 2022.

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Cities are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. As a systemic issue, the climate crisis is further complicated by challenges such as growing inequality, accelerating environmental degradation, and the rise of global risk events such as the Covid-19 pandemic––all of which continue to take place in a context of unequal power dynamics, rising social isolation, and extractive economic systems.

As interactive and interconnected issues, these factors make local communities more vulnerable to adverse climate impacts, ultimately affecting their capacity to respond swiftly to their intersectional dimensions. For this and many other reasons, the time is now for bold and ambitious collective action. We must accelerate our efforts to tackle the climate crisis and ensure dignity for all so that no one is left behind.

Tamarack's Climate Transitions Cohort is premised on a deceptively simple question: How can we support local efforts to develop bold and equitable climate transition plans and learn from one another in the process? 


The Climate Transitions Cohort is a 10-month learning journey designed for changemakers inside and outside of local governments who are looking to develop community plans for a just and equitable climate transition.

Around the world, 60 cities have already committed to developing and publishing a climate action plan in line with the global Paris Agreement. There are also 8200+ companies, 52 sub-national regions, 1100+ cities, 1100+ educational, 590+ financial, and 64 healthcare institutions that have joined Race to Zero, the largest ever alliance committed to hitting net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Of these members, 141 are based in Canada, and we're seeing many other communities across the country already convening diverse local actors to generate innovative solutions to the climate emergency in the areas of climate mitigation, adaptation, and/or resilience. 

These efforts are important because a community’s ability to take effective action and to monitor progress depends on having access to good-quality data, along with a clear plan that identifies what actions to take, and how to respond to this crisis in ways that advance equitable climate outcomes.

Join our cohort to receive the guidance and support you need for your community to embark on this vital process. 


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About the Cohort

With the support of the Government of Canada, the Community Climate Transitions team at Tamarack is launching the second edition of the Climate Transitions Cohort. Over the course of 10 months, a group of trailblazing communities from across Canada will take part in a learning journey to develop and implement community plans for a just and equitable climate transition.

Community changemakers from inside and outside of local governments are invited to come together, learn how to develop a common vision for local climate action, and set a common agenda with local stakeholders through a process called Collective Impact: an innovative, whole-community approach that prioritizes multi-sectoral leadership and deep civic engagement in complex decision-making processes such as equitable climate transitions. 

In addition to capacity-building and networking opportunities, the Cohort doubles as a community of practice for rapid experimentation and prototyping of solutions aimed at advancing the development (and implementation) of a successful climate transition plan.

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Why You Should Join the Cohort

Membership to the Cohort grants access to a program unique in its scope and reach in Canada. The ambitious 10-month program will guide participants through a learning journey that includes:

  • Monthly cohort sessions with guest speakers on a range of relevant topics (plus access to additional workshops and webinars from the broader Tamarack community and its partners);
  • Exclusive access to Tamarack webinars and events - online and in-person;
  • Six coaching sessions with professional coaches from the Tamarack Learning Centre;
  • One-on-one support from the Community Climate Transitions team for the duration of the program;
  • Access to leading resources on developing transition plans through collective impact and community engagement methodologies;
  • An overview of cutting-edge methodologies, evidence-based solutions and governance models to inform your thinking, as well as readings and other relevant educational resources to deepen your understanding of the climate crisis and its implications for municipalities;
  • Updates on the latest news, events and publications on community climate transition from within Canada and around the world; 
  • Access to Tamarack's Vibrant Communities publications, research and guides for cities and local leaders;
  • Networking opportunities with key people and institutions in the sector; 
  • An opportunity for rapid prototyping, and peer feedback on program design, piloting, and launch.

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Who Is Eligible to Apply

The cohort is open to communities across Canada (municipal governments, multistakeholder coalitions, citizen-led groups, nonprofits, and others) that are interested in developing a transition plan or updating an existing one, and that meet the following criteria:

  • A stated commitment to centering justice and equity in a community’s climate response;
  • A stated commitment to engage in the Collective Impact and community engagement processes that define our 10-month program;
  • Having a cross-sector team of participants from the same location will be considered an asset, e. g. someone from local government and someone from the community co-leading this work.

Communities must be Tamarack members in order to be eligible. Consult CCT's Membership Package for more information

Download the Membership Package

If your community/group identifies as low-income and/or equity-deserving, you may qualify for CCT’s Community Fund and benefit from a reduced or waived membership fee. Contact us to know more about CCT's Community Fund.

If you are a francophone community in Canada, we are launching a French-speaking cohort in 2023 as well. More information on CCT's French Cohort can be found on this dedicated page

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Our Learning Journey

Here is an overview of the curriculum for the 2023 Cohort: 

CCT blog infographic  (2)

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The following timeline provides an overview of important dates prior to the launch of the 2023 Cohort in early February.

We are inviting communities to submit a short application explaining their interest in participating in the 2023 cohort. The application process will be open until December 13th, 2022.

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Meet the team

Laura, Chiara and Jennifer will be the core team supporting communities throughout this journey, in collaboration with colleagues from across Tamarack and our Community Climate Transitions network.


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Email Laura Schnurr:


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In the Press

Check out this media coverage of the 2022 Cohort and stories from participating communities. 

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Dive Deeper

Curious to learn more about the Community Climate Transitions world? Here are more resources to get you started on your learning journey!

  • Article | The promise of collective impact in supporting a just transition at the community level 
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