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Foundations of Community Engagement

Join Tamarack's Lisa Attygalle, Director of Community Engagement, in this online course designed to build a foundation of knowledge and practice for your community engagement work.

Through video lessons, case studies, readings, and activities, you'll dig into the role of community, who should be engaged, community engagement techniques, how to overcome challenges, and how to evaluate your engagement activities.

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Foundations of Collective Impact 

Tamarack's Sylvia Cheuy, Director of Community Engagement, presents our new online course designed to build a foundation of knowledge and practice for Collective Impact.

Through video lessons, case studies, readings, and activities, you'll access your community's readiness to Engage in Collective Impact, enhance your ability to lead a Collective Impact Initiative and create an action plan to mobilize multi-sector stakeholders. 

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Foundations of Participatory Evaluation 

Tamarack's Jean-Marie Chapeau, Director of Evaluating Impact and Myriam Berube, Director Of Quebec, will guide you through a new online course designed to establish a foundational understanding of Participatory Evaluation.

In this course, you'll understand how Participatory Evaluation differs from the standard evaluation, learn effective data collection methods and approaches, and how to effectively engage with the community you are partnering with for the evaluation.

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Vibrant Communities Course Selection

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Ending Poverty Pathways Online Course

Join Vibrant Communities' Natasha Pei, Manager of Cities, in this online course designed to support government, business, non-profit and lived/living experience leaders to understand, advocate for and advance high-impact ending poverty pathways in their communities.

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Foundations for Building a Neighbourhood Strategy

Join Vibrant Communities' Heather Keam, Associate Director of Cities Deepening Community, in this online course designed for individuals who want to make their neighbourhood a better place, on-the-ground staff to support residents to build a plan or municipal staff who have been tasked with putting a plan together.

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Interconnected Practices Wheel - Full

Tamarack offers self-paced, online courses across our five interconnected practices.


All of our courses offer social changemakers the opportunity to:


  • Learn at your own pace - Our courses are offered asynchronously, meaning that you can move through the prepared course materials on whatever schedule works for you.

  • Plan your own learning - We've planned out the main lessons for you in each course, and prepared a wide range of videos, readings, and case studies that will help you build your social changemaker toolkit in each area. Navigate the course in whichever order works best for you and your needs

  • Get involved - Add your thoughts, questions, and comments on the online learning platform to interact with other learners and join course instructors in their monthly office hours to get more personalized feedback and insights along your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Help! I can’t access my course.

We can help you with that- please send us an email at, and include the email that you registered for the course with. We will send you your login information, along with instructions on how to access the course.

2. How can I follow along with the course I am taking?

Each course comes with a course workbook, which can be accessed in the introduction lesson of the course. If you cannot find your course workbook, please reach out to, and we will provide it for you.

3. Which internet browser should I use?

Tamarack’s courses are hosted through an online platform called Thinkific. The platform supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Please note that this does not include Microsoft Internet Explorer.

4. Will I receive a certificate for completing this course?

Yes. All registrants who complete the course to 100% will receive a printable certificate that acknowledges the completion of this course.

5. Can I download the resources in my course?

You can! While the videos cannot be saved, each resource, including the course workbook, can be downloaded for later use. Get the most from the course!

6. Is there a time limit on completing this course?

Anyone starting a course will have 6 months to complete the course, starting from the date you receive your access details. If you are running out of time to complete the course and would like to request an extension, please email with the email title "Course Extension Request" and the course you are currently enrolled in.

7. How do I go back to view previous course topics?

The full list of course topics can be selected by clicking on the list icon, located in the top left of the Thinkific page. You can select any lesson available, as well as the resources contained within.

8. Can I write directly into the workbook?

We encourage all registrants to download the file, as Thinkific does not store any of the information entered into PDFs. There are text boxes to enter your notes and answers in within the workbook. You can also print the workbook and follow along with that way if you prefer.

9. The videos are taking a long time to load. What can I do?

Try turning down the quality of each video to 360p. You can do this on the “Show settings menu” tab below each video, along with the full screen and volume options.

10. Am I able to work on the course while offline?

While you can download all resources from the course to review offline, the course itself is hosted on an online site, Thinkific. To watch the lesson videos and progress in the course, you must have an active internet connection.

11. What’s the best way to ask questions about the content?

For each resource, there is a Discussion section that appears in a black box above. You can ask questions related to that resource. For broader content-related questions, please email the instructor of the course. You can find the contact information of your course instructor here:

12. What’s the best way to ask questions about technology?

If you are having technical difficulties or are unable to access your course, please email, and we will try to help as best we can!



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