Municipal Government Representatives
for Poverty Reduction (MGR)
Community of Practice


Schedule: Quarterly calls 

We love learning from group members! If there is a topic you have experience in and would like to share with your municipal peers, please contact Alison.

Purpose of the CoP

To host a regular communication channel where municipal staff can share successes, uncover new approaches to challenges, and contribute to the transfer of promising ideas that improve the impact municipalities are having toward ending poverty in Canada.

Benefits of Membership

By joining this unique community of practice you will be able to share your experiences with other professionals who are working on similar challenges or issues. By engaging in facilitated conversations with your peers, you will uncover new approaches to problems, build your professional skill set, access new ideas and contribute to the transfer of best practices.

Our Commitment 

The purpose of the MGR CoP is to facilitate a regular communication channel for municipal representatives responsible for, or directly involved in, poverty reduction efforts, to:
  • Keep abreast of what innovative ideas are showing success in the field;

  • Gain professional development and build capacity;

  • Connect personally with other municipal staff  to exchange knowledge and information; and,

  • Gain feedback from the group on your current and planned approaches, programs and policies.

Our Members

The Municipal Government Representatives for Poverty Reduction Community of Practice is comprised of municipal government employees working on the poverty reduction profile in municipalities large and small, across Canada.

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