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Date: Wednesday March 10th, 2021


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The aim of this Cities Deepening Community, Community of Practice (CoP) is to bring together committed individuals from North America who have a desire to work collaboratively and share learnings from their communities. Some of our members are interested in learning more about partnering with Tamarack to launch their own LDCI, while some already have one underway or completed. These meetings provide important tips, knowledge and support to all levels of engagement with these important initiatives.

Benefits of Membership

By joining this unique community of practice you will be able to share your experiences and knowledge in free-flowing and creative ways with other professionals who are working on similar challenges or issues. By engaging in facilitated conversations with your peers, you will uncover new approaches to problems, build your professional skill set, access new ideas and contribute to the transfer of best practices.

What to Expect

  • Provide a system of support and ongoing professional development for individuals who are working at the neighborhood level
  • Support and encourage the development and extension of specialist knowledge
  • Keep abreast of and participate in leading best practices
  • Identify potential areas for research and development
  • Mentorship to build capability of less experienced community leaders
  • Provide a facilitated communication channel
  • Provide a mutual support network for all members
  • Create a link with other networks and Communities of Practice
  • Provide the opportunity for participants to have exposure and a ‘user experience’ of a variety of online technologies

Our Members

The Local Deepening Community Initiative Community of Practice is comprised of a diverse group of participants from different neighborhoods and organizations. Here is a directory of our members.

Still have questions?

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