Build Connections with your Neighbours 

Deepening Community in Fort McMurray



Strengthening connections between neighbours has been consistently identified as a priority in many consultations since the wildfire.  In response, several organizations in the community have partnered with the Tamarack Institute to establish a Local Deepening Community Initiative to deepen a sense of community for all.

How will our neighbourhoods benefit?

  • Neighbours will know one another by linking residents to groups, existing and newly formed, within the neighbourhood.
  • Neighbours will be better able to care for each other– when we know each other we more likly to take care of each other by sharing our skills, abilities and knowledge.
  • Our community will be strengthened - a connected community has a solid foundation for positive community change and is better able to bounce back in tough times. Being connected to community also has a positive impact on our individual health and well-being. 

We are looking for community volunteers to host and document local conversations   A conversation guide that contains resources and training will be provided to all volunteers.   

Fill out the form to sign up to host a conversation. 

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