Cities Reducing Poverty
a Pan-Canadian network working to reduce poverty


About Cities Reducing Poverty

Cities Reducing Poverty is a national collective impact movement aimed at reducing poverty through the place-based efforts of multi-sector roundtables and the alignment of strategies at the municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal levels. Every year more cities become members of this Pan-Canadian initiative, thereby strengthening our ability to collectively learn from one another and effectively reduce and eradicate poverty in our communities.

As of December 2017, over 60 local initiatives representing more than 175 municipalities belong to the network, and have committed to:

  • Focusing on poverty reduction/elimination over poverty alleviation;
  • The idea of collective impact and using a multi-stakeholder approach to lead community change;
  • An understanding that poverty is complex and that it has multiple causes and solutions;
  • Leveraging the assets of their whole communities to drive long-term change;
  • Engaging individuals with lived experience in their planning efforts; and,
  • Doing learning and evaluation every step of the way.


Join the Movement

Vibrant Communities Canada’s primary purpose is to ensure that local poverty reduction initiatives in cities, towns, regions, provinces, and territories are successful. Through our premiere, national learning network we aim to make the work of Cities Reducing Poverty easier and more effective.

Members are given opportunities to:

  • Connect and Engage with experts and municipal and community leaders from local poverty reduction strategies and roundtables across Canada though regular online and face to face meetings and online learning community at

  • Learn together about innovative and effective tools, approaches and ideas for tackling poverty through communities of practice, action teams, webinars, a common evaluation framework, an annual national poverty reduction summit, and peer or professional coaching. We are especially committed to co-generating learning opportunities with our member communities.

  • Influence policies and systems that matter to your community by engaging in action teams, accessing our policy clearing house and publications, as well as participating in discussions within a growing national network of cities with a notable history and a credible voice.

Membership Rewards

Annual Cities Reducing Poverty membership rewards for the 2018 calendar year include:

  1. Two complimentary seats to attend one of two regional poverty reduction summits in 2018.
  2. Priority access to Tamarack’s Expert Coaching Centre for free online and telephone coaching, access peer-to-peer coaches, or fee-for-service consulting services.
  3. Access to exclusive, nation-wide city convenor calls with roundtable leaders and staff.
  4. Annual subscription to Cities Connect e-magazine for poverty reduction practitioners.
  5. Participation in network-wide surveys and interviews for evaluation purposes, and access to on staff evaluation support.
  6. Access to policy tools, publications, case studies, and online resources.
  7. Access to resource development opportunities and tools to build and sustain your roundtable’s financial health.
  8. Discounts for your members to attend most of Tamarack’s face to face learning events.
  9. Access to webinars about poverty reduction, featuring experts from the field.
  10. Participation in professional communities of practice and action teams focused on poverty reduction topics.
  11. Discounts on Vibrant Communities’ books and other resources.
  12. Unlimited access to Vibrant Communities’ amazing learning community, where your initiative and its news will be featured and profiled.

Still have questions?

Please contact one of our City Managers for information about our annual membership investment levels:

Western Canada & Territories - Alison Homer: 
Eastern Canada (Ontario and Quebec) - Leena Sharma Seth: 
Eastern Canada (Maritimes) - Natasha Pei:   

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