About Shauna

Shauna Sylvester

Board Chair

About Shauna

Shauna Sylvester is an award-winning social entrepreneur, facilitator, and commentator. She was the Co-founder and Executive Director of five initiatives – the SFU Public Square, Renewable Cities, Carbon Talks, Canada's World and IMPACS - the Institute for Media, Policy, and Civil Society. She recently stepped down as the Executive Director of the Simon Fraser University Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue to take up a new position as Executive Director of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network for the United States and Canada. She has served on the boards of Vancity, Vancity Capital, Mountain Equipment Cooperative (when it was a thriving cooperative), the BC Assessment Authority and several non-profit boards. Shauna is committed to excellence in public engagement and hosting difficult conversations.

For over 30 years, she has served as a facilitator and host to hundreds of community and stakeholder dialogues related to climate change, poverty reduction, democracy, transportation, and gender. She has a passion for cities and has served as the lead facilitator for the Mayor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing in Burnaby and Vancouver and the convener of Moving in a Livable Region - a consortium of transportation and land use planning leaders in Metro Vancouver.

Shauna is honoured to serve Tamarack and brings her curiosity and experience as a mother, community-builder, and caregiver to support the health, resilience and vibrancy of our cities and local communities.

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