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Orpah Cundangan (she/her)

Learning Lead, Communities Ending Poverty

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Remote Office: Toronto, ON

About Orpah

Orpah Cundangan (she/her) has worked in the nonprofit sector, supporting organizations focused on poverty reduction and youth homelessness, for over 10 years. After graduating from Queen's University with a BAH in English, and minoring in Global Development Studies, she began her career working for an international development charity before moving into an operations role at an organization focused on preventing and ending youth homelessness in Toronto. Wanting to further support national efforts around youth homelessness, she then joined a national coalition where she spent more than five years working with incredible community partners in the youth homelessness sector, facilitating open and honest conversations about everything from challenging practices to systems change, and growing her passion for connecting people in a capacity-building way.

In her role as Learning Lead for Communities Ending Poverty at Tamarack, she is most excited to help amplify community learnings around equity, diversity, inclusion, justice, and reconciliation as part of their poverty reduction efforts. She is constantly inspired by the way communities continue to adapt and collaborate in order to provide support to everyone who may need it.

Aside from her work, Orpah also enjoys cooking, singing (karaoke especially), painting, playing volleyball, and trying new things with her friends and family.  

Orpah Cundangan

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