About Milton

Milton Friesen

Program Director - Social Cities, Cardus

Deepening Community Thought Leader focusing on Network Weaving, Enabling Structures, and Social Capital

About Milton
Milton Friesen is a member of the think tank Cardus and is considered one of Canada's leading thinkers in the area of social capital and its impact on neighbourhood development. Milton is finalizing a Ph.D. at the University Of Waterloo School Of Planning. He participates in the Waterloo Institute on Complexity and Innovation. Milton was also an elected municipal official for three years. He lives in Hamilton with his wife and four children.

As a Deepening Community Thought Leader, Milton is currently exploring Network Weaving in order to attend to the relational nature of community work more effectively; Enabling Structures to determine what types of structures and processes contribute to the well-being of a community; and Social Capital and how that information can be used to improve our quality of life.

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