About Michael

Michael Jones

Leadership Educator, Author and Composer

CCI Thought Leader focusing on Inner Leadership, Place-Based Leadership, and Community and Transformational Leadership

About Michael
Michael is a leadership educator, author and Juno nominated pianist/composer.
His most recent book; The Soul of Place: Re-imagining Leadership Through Nature, Art
and Community is the third in a series on Re-imagining Leadership. Others include Artful Leadership: Awakening the Common of the Imagination and Creating an Imaginative Life: Following the Songline of the Heart.

Michael has served as leadership faculty at the Banff Centre and thought leader with The Fetzer Institute and many other prominent leading edge universities and centres. He has also been a guest speaker and conference facilitator for a variety of projects including Connecting with Our Future with Quaker Foods and PepsiCo Global Nutrition Group, The Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership, the International Leadership Association and many others.

As a pianist/composer he has composed and recorded fifteen CD's of his original piano compositions which have served as benchmarks in the popular genre of contemporary instrumental music worldwide.

Michael is widely recognized for his innovative work in bringing together authentic
leadership with his music, creative artistry and dialogue practice to further the work of placemaking, personal transformation and collective learning.

Throughout his work he asks how leaders can re- imagine places as living systems
inspired by nature, art, community and our deepening humanity.

To learn more about Michael and his work please visit www.thesoulofplace.com and

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