About Leah

Leah Kocsis

Community Animator, Engagement

Contact Details:
p. 519-807-3358

Remote Office: Vancouver, British Columbia

About Leah

Leah is thrilled to be joining the Tamarack team and contributing to further exploring and understanding the impact that engagement can have on populations. Leah joins Tamarack after her role in the private sector as a Project Specialist.

Leah has always been an impassioned person, eager to understand the way the world works and how smaller groups and communities fit into and influence that picture. Leah comes from a world of science and technology with experience in fostering engagement and community development in the scientific community, general public, and/or within a corporate environment. She is most impassioned when working on the interconnect of how new and disruptive changes and innovations impact people. Leah has worked for grass roots projects as well as large international scale corporate endeavours giving her a unique perspective on responding to the needs of diverse interest groups.

In her free time, Leah enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, cooking, and exploring the outdoors. Leah is based out of Waterloo, ON but loves to travel and explore new places and cultures. 


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