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Jay Connor

Founder/CEO, Learning Ovations; Managing Partner, Rubicon Partners LLP; Founder/Chair, The Collaboratory for Community Solutions

CCI Thought Leader focusing on Achieving Outcomes, Community Engagement, and Education

About Jay
Joseph "Jay" Connor, JD/MBA, is the Founder/CEO of Learning Ovations, Inc. Our central product is A2i, Assessment to Instruction, which is the commercialization/technology transfer resulting from his role as the Managing Partner of Rubicon Partners, LLP which, in partnership with the US Department of Education, National Institutes of Health, Florida Center for Reading Research, and Florida State University, has developed A2i, a research-based tool available to school districts across North America that uses student assessment to recommend individualized instruction activities to achieve significant improvement in reading achievement across the economic and ethnic spectrum.

This recognition of the need to develop evidence-based tools in order to achieve transformative outcomes in our community systems - most notably education - was a driving consideration in his founding of The Collaboratory for Community Solutions. The research findings from over 75 communities are found in his book, published spring 2003 (second edition 2005) by Wilder Press, Community Visions, Community Solutions: Grantmaking for Comprehensive Impact. Jay has 20+ years of experience in senior business management at the multi-billion dollar corporate level. He was a Regional President of ADT Security Systems, where he oversaw a $150 million unit with 1100 employees and offices in 35 communities.

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Jay Connor

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