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Janet Mrenica

Project Executive Lead, Vibrant Communities
Contact Details:
p. 613-231-4348

Remote Office: Ottawa, Ontario

About Janet

Janet is the Project Executive Lead with Vibrant Communities, working with the Community Building Youth Futures, Cities Reducing Poverty and Cities Deepening Community teams. She is committed to sustainable practices and is passionate about community engagement, robust human systems development and lifelong learning, especially in resilience in times of uncertainty.

Janet comes to Tamarack with her origins in the community sector and almost 3 decades of experience with the federal government, working with a broad range of departments and topic areas such as reform of grants and contributions, community investments and infrastructure, financial and data management, and performance measurement. She has led policy reform and innovation and award-winning collaborative initiatives.
In the last decade with Environment and Climate Change Canada, she combined her knowledge of corporate, finance and environmental issues with her passion for and understanding of indigenous traditions. Previously she was a consultant in the international development and environmental sector undertaking audits and special reviews and providing corporate governance and financial assistance to International and Canadian NGOs.

Janet is a Fellow CPA, Fellow CPFA (UK) and an accredited Audit Committee Member. She is an Integral Professional Coach, and involved with the Climate Coaching Alliance and Women’s Infrastructure Network. She has a Masters Degree in Public Policy, international development. She shows up daily as Mom, & Grandma, and as a passionate adventurer with her two dogs in the rural community of Elphin.

Being at Tamarack is tapping back into her roots!

Janet Mrenica

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