About Elayne

Elayne Greeley 

Coordinator - Community Career & Employment Partnership Project St. John's

CCI Thought Leader focusing on Communities of Practice, Visual Creative Expression, and Innovation in Community Agencies

About Elayne
Possibility aficionado, big picture thinker, collaborative team player, unabashed optimist and lover of natural history, that's me in a nut shell along with all that is exciting and messy. By day I have the privilege of working with a grand group of career practitioners and their community agencies in a partnership called CCEPP in St. John's, Newfoundland (www.ccepp.ca). I came to this work from the cultural sector so I insert as much creativity as they will allow me by hosting groups differently and driving curiosity and learning within the sector. Three topics that I am chewing on this year are: sharing tacit knowledge through communities of practice, driving innovative attitudes across community agencies, and knowledge democracy through creativity.

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