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This pandemic has provided an opportunity for many people to pause and reflect. What are we learning about ourselves, our society, our world and what could all this mean for our future? Here is a compilation of thought-provoking reflections.


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ABCD Hands

Asset-Based Community Development Recovery Framework

By Jonathan Massimi 


As cities and communities start to look at recovery, how do we learn from what has happened and move forward in a better way? Many recovery models have been created to help the economy thrive or to reduce risk management and disaster.

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Table 5

With Not For

By Lisa Attygalle


There has been a marked increase in demand for ‘Community-Led’ approaches to change across the country. Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, poverty reduction, and youth empowerment provide just a few examples. This shows incredible promise for advances towards community ownership of decision-making practices and active citizen participation in community life.

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