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This pandemic has provided an opportunity for many people to pause and reflect. What are we learning about ourselves, our society, our world and what could all this mean for our future? Here is a compilation of thought-provoking reflections.


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Lesson from a pandemic

Lessons from a Pandemic about Community

By Glenda Cooper

Over the past several weeks, as the world has been grappling with new realities, the Tamarack Institute has been listening and collecting amazing community stories. This pandemic has been a valuable teacher, bringing to light what it means to be community.  

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zorb play

When Community Becomes "Unessential"

By Paul Born


What happens when community is declared unessential? Most of us comply. The extreme introverts celebrate. As COVID-19 spreads we know the physical act of community is not good for us, and so for those most vulnerable in society, we give up physical community to overcome a threat to all of us. I really want us to declare community essential. I want us to invest in community and find new ways of engaging together. Could we spend a little less on saving the economy and a little more on saving ourselves?

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