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Revelstoke Leverages COVID-19 to Build Community Resilience

By Lisa Cyr and Alison Homer


While the impact of COVID-19 has been swift and intense, Revelstoke, BC has mobilized its response to the pandemic in an innovative way. The community’s Collective Impact initiative, Vibrant Revelstoke, has identified an opportunity for change within the crisis. Stakeholders across government, business, public, and non-profit sectors have rallied around shared goals of affordability and connection

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Harry Potter Gown

Journey of a Gown

By Marilyn Moffat


A long time ago, two young pre-teen girls, twin sisters asked me to sew each of them a gown. It had to be Harry Potter gowns, from the books they had just read. The movie had not been made, so I had to be creative in the design following my imagination from how I saw the Harry Potter gowns; because I too had read the first book.

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