As we all adjust to a new normal, people across Canada, the United States, and beyond are turning to comfort food. The Tamarack team is sharing recipes that brings us comfort in uncertain times. Want to share your own recipe? Get in touch with us!


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Celebrating the Weekend with Scrumptious Scones

By Pamela Teitelbaum


Homemade SconesMy 10-year-old daughter decided to make homemade guacamole to accompany the scones and present it to me in the shape of a happy face on our plates!! It was a great surprise. She wanted to contribute more joy to our Sunday morning, and she did it with great success! Sometimes, it’s the small things that lead to the greatest impact!

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Finding Comfort (and Value) in Fresh Pasta

By Duncan Field

Fresh Pasta


For my wife and I, engaging with friends around food is at the center of much of our social lives. We celebrate special occasions with special meals, and we engage with friends over drinks and food. In the midst of social distancing, we’re coming back to this family favourite to recapture the idea of dinner as something to do together, rather than something to simply keep us fed.

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