Collective Impact

One of the biggest challenges facing community change leaders is impacting systems and policies to improve the well-being of citizens.  Over the last twenty years, community change leaders have engaged in single and cross-sector collaboration to begin to uncover and address some of the largest challenges they are facing like poverty, homelessness, educational attainment and environmental impact.  In 2011, FSG in the United States defined an approach to community change called Collective Impact. 

The Collective Impact framework contains five core conditions including the development of a common agenda; using shared measurement to understand progress; building on mutually reinforcing activities; engaging in continuous communications and providing a backbone to move the work forward. 

Since 2011, Tamarack has collaborated with colleagues in Canada, the United States and internationally as a co-catalyst in advancing Collective Impact as a framework for community change.  Tamarack also recognizes that Collective Impact is one mechanism for community change and that collaboration takes many forms and approaches.  The Collective Impact idea provides a useful framework for community change and is situated within the broad frame of collaborative efforts focused on systems and policy change.  Tamarack actively works with collaborators including the Collective Impact Forum and the Harwood Institute in the United States; Inspiring Communities in New Zealand and Collaboration for Impact in Australia to intentionally build the field of practice in Collective Impact and collaborative community change efforts. 

Featured Resources

Getting Started

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Empathy Map

By Tamarack Institute

This tool helps you consider the perspectives of those who your project serves or affects. It will help your team consider the many forces around your users that affect their experiences.

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Stakeholder Engagement Wheel

By Tamarack Institute

This tool will help guide a conversation with others as to what their desired level of involvement is in the opportunities and work of your group going forward.

Taking It Further

Collective Impact Year One Action Plan

Collective Impact Year One Action Plan Framework

By Tamarack Institute

This framework provides you with an in depth look at what it is that you are trying to work on.  The tool is comprised of questions that will help you to form your collective Impact initiative.  You will use this framework to build your leadership team and to create an action plan.  

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Planning Your Backbone Support

By Tamarack Institute

This tool helps provide members with an overview of the key framework, decisions, and progress that has been made on Collective Impact initiatives.

Communities of Practice

Collective Impact Practitioner

Collective Impact Community of Practice

The aim of this Collective Impact Community of Practice (CoP) is to bring together committed individuals who have a desire to work collaboratively to learn, share and build the capacity of its members.

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Collective Impact: Leading Theory to Action

This 2-day workshop is designed to build your capacity to mobilize, launch and sustain Collective Impact Initiatives by providing you with theory, resources and opportunities to practice with – and learn from – your peers.

Collective Impact: Leading Theory to Action is specially designed for backbone staff and/or consultants and facilitators supporting Collective Impact efforts.  You'll be immersed in Collective Impact content that will increase their ability to train others by providing capacity building learning to their leadership tables and community volunteers. 

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