The Collective Impact Toolkit


E-Book & Online Portal

Resource Your Collective Impact Journey

Explore a resource filled with Collective Impact tools, articles, webinars, videos, and resources curated by Tamarack Institute for member communities and key partners. The Toolkit is organized into eight chapters, following the key components of the Collective Impact framework. We've broken down the resources provided into Primary, Secondary and Diving Deeper sections, allowing you to review the resources as you see fit.

We're offering two different ways for you to engage with our Collective Impact toolkit - an e-book and an online portal. Fill out your email below to get access to a PDF of the toolkit, and a link to the online version of the toolkit. 

We'll be drawing names and offering free versions of the print or EPUB versions when they are offered for sale later in 2022. 

Join us, and be one of the first to explore this new resource.

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