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Christine Hadekel

Manager of Cities, Cities Deepening Community

Contact Details:
p. 250-777-7518

Remote Office: Nelson, BC

About Christine

Christine is delighted to have joined Tamarack as a Manager of Cities with the Vibrant Communities – Cities Deepening Community team.

Christine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from Trent University and a Master's degree in Public Administration from Cornell University. Her previous work has taken her across the globe where she has worked with community leaders, policymakers, funders, and researchers to catalyze cross-sectoral poverty reduction and food security initiatives. Christine was a Leland International Hunger Fellow with the Congressional Hunger Center and has worked with the UN World Food Programme in Kenya, with a local community development centre in India, and with Concern Worldwide in Zambia, Malawi, Uganda and Mozambique. She has also worked on policy campaigns in Ireland and the European Union, including advocacy efforts focused on the Sustainable Development Goals. 

More recently Christine has worked in community engagement and capacity building for local food security and education programs across Oregon and in Indigenous communities across BC and Alberta. Christine is passionate about creating meaningful education, training and learning opportunities and has facilitated field-based experiential education programs in Nunavut, the Indian Himalayas, Ireland, and Central America.

Based in Nelson, British Columbia, Christine spends her free time gardening, playing music, practicing yoga and meditation, and exploring the wilderness near her home. She is a trained Buddhist chaplain through Upaya Zen Center and actively supports community initiatives that foster dialogue around death and dying and that provide compassionate end-of-life care.

Christine Hadekel

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