About Chiara

Chiara Camponeschi

Manager of Cities, Community Climate Transitions 

Chargée de programme, Communautés pour la transition climatique 

About Chiara

Chiara has 15 years of experience in the social impact sector, having worked with nonprofits, as well as having served as an advisor to several multilateral and community initiatives, in Canada and abroad.
Since 2010, Chiara has also been leading a 'think-and-do tank' working at the intersection of social innovation and urban sustainability, with a particular focus on emerging approaches to climate resilience.
In this role, she is frequently invited as a speaker and consultant to initiatives that are advancing equitable climate outcomes at the community, municipal, and national level, often in the form of collaborative, multi-stakeholder coalitions.
Chiara is also an academic researcher with almost two decades of experience in the fields of sustainable urbanism, community engagement, and equitable climate action. Her doctoral research explored how the principles of wellbeing, solidarity, and collective healing can provide a blueprint for building resilience in ways that are more equitable, inclusive, and just.
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