Cities Deepening Community Podcast

The complex challenges facing communities require cities to deepen community. The process of deepening community is about empowering citizens to form the trust and connections necessary to create and sustain vibrant, inclusive neighbourhoods. Cities across Canada are recognizing the need to invest in the social well-being of citizens who live, work and play in their communities in order to strengthen a sense of belonging, connection and citizenship. Our podcasts will cover topics on what is needed to deepen community, get you thinking outside the box and inspire you with stories. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy putting them together. 

Please note, our podcasts were recorded before the start of the COVID pandemic.


Introduction: The Importance of Deepening Community

Deepening community is a timely and powerful response to growing social isolation, loneliness, and disconnection that is happening in our cities and towns. In this podcast, we talk about how our communities have changed over time and why deepening community is important to individuals, organizations and cities. 


Loneliness and Social Isolation Series

  • Loneliness and the Built Environment

This podcast featured Paul Young from Public Spaces workshop, Toronto, ON and Tamarack's Heather Keam in a discussion about the built environment, its effects on loneliness, and solutions for a path forward.


  • Loneliness and Poverty

This podcast featured Kim Samuel, founder of the Samuel Center for Social Connectedness, and Tamarack's Alison Homer in a discussion about the impacts of loneliness on poverty and the need to explore multidimensional measures of poverty.