About Cameron

Cameron Norman 

Principal - CENSE Research + Design

CCI Thought Leader focusing on Complexity, Developmental Evaluation and Program Design, and Adapting Modeling for Innovation

About Cameron
I work with health and human services organizations and networks to do learn about what they do and design and re-design their offerings to better support their goals and aspirations. After all, learning and building things are fun activities we've enjoyed since kids and are even more relevant to us as adults. I do this in my role as the Principal of CENSE Research + Design, a social innovation design studio based in Toronto, Canada. My work supports social innovators in evaluating their programs and designing and re-designing them for impact and sustainability. I consult and deliver workshops to train and support innovators in making a difference. Systems thinking, design and evaluation are the areas that I work in and my specialty is weaving them together into something I call developmental design for social innovation (think: discovery + developmental evaluation + design thinking).

I am an enthusiastic learner, bookworm, coffee roaster, cook, movie lover and travel fan and blend my love of art with my attempts to create it for fun and for work. My learning spills into my experience as a student and teacher. On the student learner side: I have an MA in psychology, a PhD in public health, and a Master of Design degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. I'm a Credentialed Evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society, an accredited practitioner with Cognitive Edge systems, and certified in the NCI Design Charrette Process from Harvard University.

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