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Progress & Impact Report: Celebrating Our Learning Community


This report reflects on Tamarack’s journey through 2019 and our growth along the way. We are incredibly thankful to the 27,319 learning partners in over 2,300 cities across Canada and beyond for being a part of this journey with us over the past year. We cherish the opportunity to work together to navigate community change and to build vibrant places to live and grow.

We wrote this report as both a way of looking back and looking forward.  Much was accomplished in 2019 and you will read the stories of connection and impact in throughout this Annual Report.  We are proud of what we have collectively achieved and value your continued investment and support of Tamarack.  This year, we are grateful for the leadership of a renewed Board of Directors and are excited to have launched Communities Building Youth Futures in 13 cities across Canada. 

At Tamarack, we document stories and create resources to help community changemakers. This growing knowledge base would not be possible without the over 16000 organizations and individuals who supported our work as learners, donors, members and consulting clients over the past year. We value the ideas and contributions that you make to our work, as it shapes our growth and impact. We look forward to seeing how far we can go together in 2020.

We hope you enjoy! 

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