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Lessons in Collaborating with the Enemy

Collective Impact, Collaborative Leadership, Webinars & Videos

Collaboration is increasingly difficult and increasingly necessary. Often, to get something done that really matters to us, we need to work with...

How to authentically engage the community while remaining in control

Community Engagement, Webinars & Videos

Community members must be stakeholders in decisions that impact them, but sometimes as a community engagement practitioner, it can be scary to...

Collaboration not CoBLABoration: A Conversation with Chris Thompson

Webinars & Videos

Effective cross-sector collaboration – engaging a diverse group of stakeholders to assume shared responsibility for achieving a shared, mutually...

Collective Impact: Lessons from the Field

Webinars & Videos

Collective Impact is transforming communities across Canada and the United States. We know the work can be challenging. Bringing many diverse...

Just Change: How to Collaborate for Lasting Impact

Webinars & Videos

Real, meaningful societal impact is attainable once we understand how to work together and collaborate in new and transformational ways.

In her...

Collective Impact with Liz Weaver

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

In this short video, Liz Weaver talks about a key concept in Collective Impact 3.0 - the shift from a Management paradigm to Movement Building.

A Culture of Collaboration: Lessons from Hardwired Humans

Webinars & Videos

In his ground-breaking book, Hardwired Humans – Successful Leadership using Human Instincts, author Andrew O’Keeffe provides a practical framework...

A Game Changer Approach to Poverty Reduction Strategy and Evaluation

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities, Cities Reducing Poverty

Too often evaluation is a mysterious noise. We can’t discern a beat we can tap our feet to. The melody we seek is elusive. From a poverty...

The Fight for Decent Work: Tackling Low Wages, Precarious Work, and Poverty

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

2017 is the year where labour laws in Ontario will change. Through the government's Changing Workplaces Review, twenty-five years after their last...

Collective Impact 3.0 | A Webinar

Collective Impact, Webinars & Videos

The practice of collaboration has evolved since the first article about collective impact went viral in 2011.  Many communities are implementing...

The Dynamics of Social Change

Webinars & Videos, Community Innovation

On the cover of Getting to Maybe - How the World Is Changed, a book co-authored by Frances Westley, readers are so boldly told "This book is for...

Advocating for Poverty Reduction the “Rights” Way

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities, Poverty Reduction, Human Rights, Cities Reducing Poverty

In this webinar, Michèle Biss, Legal Education and Outreach Coordinator for Canada Without Poverty (CWP), Stephen Portman, Advocacy Lead for...

Community Engagement workshopAdaptive Leadership Masterclass | VAN, CGY, EDM, TOR, OTT

Does your work involve complex cross sector or community collaborations? Are you looking to learn practical and effective skills that will help you and your teams collaborate better – deal with conflict, challenge old ways of working, respond to diverse views, create shared meaning, and plan for the future – all while working together to make a collective impact?

This intensive Masterclass will equip you with the tools, processes and most importantly the leadership practice to make a real and meaningful change, through your own collaborative initiative.

Learn more about this workshop