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Resilience and Money

Deepening Community, Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Milton Friesen interviews Brian Dijkema as they discuss the often muted perspectives into the social dimensions of payday loans and explore the...

Canada Learning Bond: Investing in Education and Beyond

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Joe March provides some valuable information about the Canada Learning Bond, and the excellent educational opportunities it offers to Canada's...

10 – A Guide for Cities Reducing Poverty

Case Studies, Books, Publications, Vibrant Communities, Poverty Reduction, Cities Reducing Poverty, Leadership, Municipal

BOOK | Authored by Brock Carlton, CEO of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and Paul Born, President of Tamarack Institute, 10 – A Guide...

Making History: Cambridge Adopts a Living Wage

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Alan Broadbent, Doug Craig, and Pam Wolf talk about the importance of implementing a living wage in municipalities across Canada. With the...

Disrupt Cities

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Ben Hecht and Mark Holmgren discuss how to build cities in a way that will achieve better results for low income residents, and how the innovation...

Poverty and Transportation in New Brunswick

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Joanna Brown, Alex Henderson, and Janice Dunbar, as they explore successful community solutions to rural transportation issues in New Brunswick,...

Cities Reducing Poverty: Common Evaluation Method

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Mark Cabaj and Kirsti Battista take us through the history of Cities Reducing Poverty evaluation, the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework, Community...

Shared Evaluation Method

Webinars & Videos, Evaluation, Vibrant Communities

Mark Cabaj explores Vibrant Communities' revised shared evaluation framework and provide more information about how you can use it to your...

Getting to Impact: Planning for Poverty Reduction

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Adam Vasey and Lucenia Ortiz share the priorities, process, progress and learning moments of creating and implementing their poverty reduction...

Introduction to Cities Reducing Poverty

Collective Impact, Vibrant Communities

Kirsti Battista of Tamarack Institute takes us through what poverty looks like in Canada, poverty reduction strategies across the country, and...

Getting to Impact: The New Brunswick Case

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Scott MacAfee of New Brunswick's Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation, and Alex Henderson of Vibrant Communities Charlotte County (NB) tell...

Getting to Impact: Thunder Bay and Revelstoke

Webinars & Videos, Vibrant Communities

Bonnie Krysowaty of Thunder Bay, ON and Jill Zacharias of Revelstoke, BC take us through the priorities, process, progress, and major learnings of...

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