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Love my Hood: Kitchener's Guide to Great Neighbourhoods

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Residents take the lead in making their neighbourhoods great, and the City supports them along the way. It’s a principle as simple as it is powerful. And it’s the vision of #lovemyhood.  

You see, Kitchener residents don’t expect someone else to make their neighbourhoods great. They’re ready, willing and able to do it themselves. Of course, the City should be there to help, but in the end, the best neighbourhoods are made by the people who live there.

Kitchener's #lovemyhood neighbourhood strategy was endorsed by City Council in February 2017 and the strategy is now becoming a reality.

Think of this guide as a collection of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Projects that are easy to complete and flexible enough to adapt to each of Kitchener’s unique and amazing neighbourhoods. You and your neighbours decide the projects you care about. #lovemyhood provides useful tips, some easy, step-by-step processes, and perhaps some money to help you along the way.

After all, our neighbourhoods are more than just a physical location where we happen to live, and they are more than a boundary drawn on a map. Our neighbourhoods are a reflection of who we are – diverse, unique, interesting – and they are the foundation of the community we are working to build together.

To support implementation of Kitchener's #lovemyhood Neighbourhood Strategy additional resources and guides have been developed.  These include:

To learn more about Kitchener's #lovemyhood Neighbourhood Strategy and its future developments, visit the City's Neighbourhood Strategy webpage

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